About Sweet Corn

Sweet corn grows approximately 2-2.5 metres in height. It grows quickly under sunny, fertile, and well-drained soil supplemented with good, moist conditions.

There are many different types of sweet corn with many variations in their sweetness and colour. The crop is usually ready for harvesting in 65 - 90 days. We harvest sweet corn when the silk end of the ear is completely filled out, the silk has turned brown and the kernels are firm.

Consumer Benfits

  • Known to contain high levels of soluble fibre, which can help bring down cholesterol levels.
  • Excellent source of thiamin, a B vitamin that is essential to converting food to energy.
  • High in Riboflavin, good source of niacin, good source of copper (found throughout the body, and it helps your body make red blood cells and keeps nerve cells and your immune system healthy).

Our Range

  • Corn on the cob
  • Prepack varieties
  • Ready-to-cook microwaveable packs
  • Fresh baby corn
  • Organic


Our simple and quick Sweet Corn Recipes are proof that eating healthy is a tasty proposition.

Key Growing Seasons:

Bowen & Home Hill        
Lockyer Valley        
Gippsland - Vic